Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review ~ Insteaddo's Black-Blue Mix Lolita Wig

Ai here 

This is my first of what I hope to be many more reviews in the future! I asked permission from the insteaddo store on ebay to do this wig review and they were very kind about it. Let's get started!

As soon as I saw this wig, I couldn't resist! Here's the listing where I got this wig for $15.99 USD. I didn't grab any pictures in the packaging (or before I trimmed the bangs), but like most wigs should and do come in, it had paper padding on the inside and it was inside a hair net in a plastic bag. It arrived within around a week after ordering.

Besides the bangs which I trimmed, this is the length that at which it came.

It is very soft and smooth. It has adjustment straps and a black netting on the inside (I promise I'll have more pictures for my next reviews!). The colors look very nice, just as shown on the listing page. It's a little bit shiny, but not excessively. 

The ends of the hair curled outwards quite a bit as you can see in the left picture (though they are tied up), so I tried to straighten them with my hair iron at a low temperature. I didn't want to risk going too hot-- and although the curling didn't completely flatten out, it did relax it a bit.

It is very comfortable to wear, nor is it too thick or too thin and looks very nice. The quality is good, although I noticed it sheds a little easily here and there. Just gotta be gentle, then.

Overall, I love this wig! I'm not using it for any cosplay, just some casual dress-up. I give it a 4.5/5, just because the shedding worries me a bit - but I'm very satisfied. I am definitely considering buying some of insteaddo's other products.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day~! I can't wait to do more!
If you happen to have any questions or requests of some sort, please don't hesitate to shoot me an ask on my tumblr or message me on facebook (it is my personal but I do not accept friend requests unless I know you)! 

Until next time~ 

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