Friday, February 6, 2015

Review ~ Dolly Eye Cookie Violet Lenses from Uniqso

It's Ai again 

Long time, no post! I've been pretty busy here and there, but I'm happy to finally get in this UNIQSO contact review. (Excuse my awful attempt at impromptu visual-kei makeup) 

I wanted to post the review for these with a certain cosplay, but my wig from ebay is taking a loooong time to get here... :/

This time, I had the pleasure of reviewing a pair ofDolly Eye Cookie Violet lenses from Uniqso. They arrived around 3 weeks after ordering (granted, it was during the busy mail season of December). 

They came packed in a cute box wrapped in bubble wrap, along with a lens case, all in great condition.

I had no problems putting them in for the first time. Once they were in and I gave them a few blinks, I could hardly feel them. Personally I prefer < 15mm in diameter since any larger looks a bit weird on me, so these at 14.5mm were a great fit.

Here they are in natural lighting:

And with no natural lighting:

As you can see, even on my natural dark brown eyes, they show up very nicely. Also, despite only being 14.5mm in diameter, there is still a bit of an enlargement effect, for those who have small eyes and want the enlargement.

Selfies incoming!


I love these contacts! I think the overall effect is very successful, and I am very satisfied. Let's do some rating!







As I said, I'm very satisfied with these lenses. Don't forget to check them and other amazing products out at uniqso. You can use my promo code "aicecream" for the 10% discount on your order!

If you happen to have any questions or requests of some sort, please don't hesitate to shoot me an ask on my tumblr or message me on facebook (it is my personal but I do not accept friend requests unless I know you)! 

I'm also on instagram @aicecreamsoda !

Thanks for reading! See you next time c:

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